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Home Automation
Home Automation Devices You Can Monitor from Your Cell Phone

Let DiCOMP help you get your home automated:

  • Water Leak Detection

    Concerned about water leaks causing thousand of dollars in damage when you aren’t home?

  • Power Outage Detection

    Would you like to know if the power goes off in your house when you aren’t home?

  • Wireless Cameras

    Would you like wireless cameras installed so you can check on your house when you aren’t there?

    Do you have an elderly parent or sick relative you want to check on without always driving to their house?
    Ask me about our GrannyCam.

  • Door Sensors & Motion Detectors

    Would you like an alarm system installed without the monthly monitoring fee? Ask us about our self monitoring alarm system.

  • Turn Lights On and Off

    Turn lights on and off when you are away by using only your smart phone.

  • Smart TV

    Turn your old TV into a smart TV.

  • Open & Close Your Garage Door Remotely

    Ever wonder if you left your garage door open? This sensor will not only let you check the status of your garage door, it will let you open or close it remotely.
  • Fire & CO2 Detector

    This smoke and carbon monoxide alarm will also send an alert to your smartphone so that you can contact family members, neighbors, or the fire department if you're away.

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